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Lot No. 574 - Registration number O9

Sold for: £216,000

Dating from 1904 and first time on the market in over 70 years
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This remarkable Registration Number is part of history on two levels. Obviously, as a very early number, it's part of British motoring history, but it also has a much later, heart-warming, family history. The Motor Car Act 1903, which came into force on 1st January 1904, required all motor vehicles to be entered on an official vehicle register and to carry alphanumeric plates. Each City in the UK was issued a prefix and, in the case of Birmingham, it was the letter "O", meaning that our registration 'O9' was the ninth official registration issued in Birmingham, presumably in early 1904.

Many years later, in 1949, the number plate obviously hadn't gone very far as it was purchased for £5 (quite a lot of money at the time) by our vendor's Father from Birmingham Motor Taxation Office as a surrendered plate from a vehicle that was being scrapped. He was a life-long Jaguar enthusiast and proudly displayed 'O9' on all his Jaguars over the years until his passing and naturally, the plate has remained with the family. Dad was happy to be associated with 'O9' for over six decades and we understand, from his son, that his birthday was August the 1st and that, were he to have lived, that he would be 100 years of age on 01/08/2020 - the day when we are offering 'O9' for sale. Serendipity!

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